Most awkward celebrity interviews of 2013 (so far)

Mary-Louise Parker and Bruce Willis in an interview for "Red 2."
Magic 105.4

Being a celebrity is not always easy. Sure, there's stardom and money -- but with that comes the pressures of fame, crazed fans and of course, the interview and promotional spree. But what happens when the routine Q&A goes in a completely unexpected direction? In some cases, things can get uncomfortable for the interviewer, other times it gets uncomfortable for the celebrity, but either way, it's always hilarious for us. Here are five videos that prove the weirdest interviews are also the best.

Jesse Eisenberg & Romina Puga

In June, "The Social Network" star Jesse Eisenberg sat down with young reporter and blogger Romina Puga to promote his new film, "Now You See Me." But during the painful 3-minute interview, Eisenberg doesn't promote his new movie as much as he revisits his role as Mark Zuckerberg. Their conversation gets immediately tense when Eisenberg mocks Puga for referring to Morgan Freeman simply as "Freeman," then goes on to call her the "Carrot Top of interviewers." Burn. When Puga said she may cry at the insult, Eisenberg responded, "Don't cry now, cry after the interview is over." Does Puga need to work on her interviewing skills, or does Eisenberg need to work on his people skills? Or are they both just having fun? Watch the interview and decide for yourself.

Bruce Willis, Mary-Louise Parker & Jaime Edwards

Bruce Willis has been on an awkward interview rampage promoting his new film, "Red 2." While the star has sported a bath robe for a few recent interviews, perhaps his crowning moment of strangeness would be this interview for British radio station Magic 105.4. When interviewer Jamie Edwards asks Willis where his favorite shooting location was, he responds, "Istambul," even though the film was not shot there. Willis, who's sitting alongside actress Mary- Louise Parker, goes on to tell him he is thinking about driving away rather than about their interview. He says his mind is elsewhere, and we definitely believe him.

Russell Brand & MSNBC's "Morning Joe"

Sometimes when an interview goes wrong, it's not the celebrity's fault at all. Take Russell Brand, who'sinfamous segment on MSNBC's Morning Joe has since gone viral. The interview begins with Brand discussing his upcoming comedy tour, "The Messiah Complex," but things quicky spiral out of control. The three hosts start joking about his accent and referring to Brand in the third person, one of them even calling him "Willy." Then about six minutes in, Brand takes over. He shifts the momentum onto the anchors, schooling them in how to handle the news. He asks, "This is what you do for a living?" and tells viewers, "People of America, we're going to be OK" before launching into a devastating critique of cable news. Brand proves that he deserves to be taken seriously, and that he isn't the eccentric idiot he often plays in his movies. All things considered, this is some quality television.

Mila Kunis & Chris Stark

Mila Kunis must have done one too many interviews for "Oz the Great and Powerful," because her conversation with British reporter Chris Starkgoes off the cuff in the best way possible.The interview starts with the seemingly nervous Stark, who was reportedly only given 10 minutes-notice of the interview, asking Kunis what it was like for her to play an ugly character. "Because generally, like, you know, you're really hot," he says. But instead of being put off by Stark's awkwardness, Kunis embraces the opportunity. Like Brand, Kunis becomes the interviewer, but this time it's not because the reporter isn't doing his job but because she's sick of doing hers. Kunis and Stark begin discussing what they do in their free time and what partying in Britain is like. At one point, Kunis is told by an off-camera producer to promote her film, so she launches into a rant of responses she gives to other interviewers. The moment further reflects how overdone the obligatory press interview is. But then the pair go right back to their charming discussion. And we find out Kunis has talents aside from acting -- she can pour a beer without foam, she can have a normal conversation with a non-celebrity, and she would be a lot of fun to hang out with. In fact, she's kind of a bro.

Reza Aslan & Lauren Green

What can be said about the interview that has everyone talking? Recently, author and religious scholar Reza Aslan appeared on the Fox News Web show, "Spirited Debate," to chat with host Lauren Green. The "spirited debate" that ensued has since become an Internet phenomenon, and once you watch it, it's not hard to understand why. Aslan came on the show to discuss his new book, "Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus Christ," and was met with the infamous opening question: "You're a Muslim, so why would you write a book about Jesus?" From there, the Q&A only gets worse. And it's painful. Once the interview entered the Internet blood-stream it quickly went viral, with sites like Buzzfeed posting, "Is This The Most Embarrassing Interview Fox News Has Ever Done?" The book, written by Aslan, has since jumped to No. 1 on, proving that an embarrassing interview can have a huge impact. It's definitely a must-watch.

There's still plenty of time before 2013 is over, which means many more strange interviews to come. But so far, it's been a big year for the awkward celebrity and news Q&A. What are your thoughts on these five interviews? Any that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!