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Morris Meat Packing recalls 250 tons of pork that was never inspected

Morris Meat Packing is recalling more than half a million pounds of pork products because they were never inspected by the government, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service. 

The problem was discovered after the agency heard from an anonymous tipster that the Maywood, Illinois-based company was selling products without the benefit of federal inspection, the FSIS said in a statement.

The raw, intact pork pieces were produced on Saturdays over the course of a nearly two-year period, from Nov. 25, 2017, to Nov. 9, 2019, according to the federal agency.

"At this time we have no comment," Frank Masellis, president of Morris Meat Packing, told CBS MoneyWatch, adding that he could not address the issues involved in the recall until given the go-ahead by his attorney. 

The USDA is concerned that some of the recalled pork could already be in the hands of consumers. The agency says people shouldn't eat any of the products and instead throw them away or return the items to the place of purchase.

The 49 recalled products have the establishment number "EST. 18267" inside the USDA mark of inspection and were shipped to retailers and distributors in Illinois. Consumers may also call Masellis at (708) 865-8566.  

Asked whether Morris Meat faced any fines or sanctions, a USDA spokesperson declined to comment because there is an ongoing investigation.

Product Number Product Name:

  • 00001 Fresh Pork Saddles with Skin 
  • 00002 Fresh Pork Saddles no skin 
  • 00003 Fresh Pork Loin with skin 
  • 00004 Fresh Pork Loin 
  • 00005 Fresh Pork Back Ribs 
  • 00006 Fresh Pork Ham with Skin 
  • 00007 Fresh Pork Ham no skin 
  • 00008 Fresh Pork Boneless Ham 
  • 00009 Fresh Pork Pork Butts 
  • 00010 Fresh Pork C.T. Butt 
  • 00011 Fresh Pork Shoulder Butt Cellar Trim 
  • 00012 Fresh Pork Picnic with skin 
  • 00013 Fresh Pork Picnic with Bone No Skin 
  • 00014 Fresh Pork Bone in Shoulders 
  • 00015 Fresh Pork Boneless Shoulders 
  • 00016 Fresh Pork Rib Bellies 
  • 00017 Fresh Pork Rib Bellies No Skin 
  • 00018 Fresh Pork Bacon 
  • 00019 Fresh Pork Bacon No Skin 
  • 00020 Fresh Pork Spare Ribs 
  • 00021 Fresh Pork Pig With Head 
  • 00022 Fresh Pork Pig with No Head
  •  00023 Fresh Pork Belly Trimmings 
  • 00024 Fresh Pork Feet
  •  00025 Fresh Pork Hocks 
  • 00026 Fresh Pork High Feet 
  • 00027 Fresh Pork Neck Bones 
  • 00028 Fresh Pork Liver
  • 00030 Fresh Pork Heart 
  • 00031 Fresh Pork Kidney 
  • 00032 Fresh Pork Pig Heads 
  • 00033 Fresh Pork Fresh Tongue 
  • 00034 Fresh Pork Jowls No Skin
  • 00035 Fresh Pork Snout 
  • 00036 Fresh Pork Inside Fat 
  • 00037 Fresh Pork Tail Fresh 
  • 00038 Fresh Pork Ears 
  • 00039 Fresh Pork Ham Skins 
  • 00040 Fresh Pork Loin Skin 
  • 00041 Fresh Pork Fresh Skin 
  • No Fat 00042 Fresh Pork Back Fat 
  • 00043 Fresh Pork Shanks Skin Off 
  • 00044 Fresh Pork Shanks Skin On 
  • 00045 Fresh Pork Hocks and Feet 
  • 00046 Fresh Pork Jowls Skin On 
  • 00047 Fresh Pork Pork Spleen 
  • 00048 Fresh Pork Chops 
  • 00049 Fresh Pork Ham Bone 
  • 00050 Boneless Loin

Labels can be viewed here.

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