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Morning Road Map

By Michelle Levi and Steve Chaggaris

McCain holds a closed morning meeting with members of his campaign in Aspen, CO this morning. This afternoon he will do some "campaign filming." Lately, many of his ads have ended with a shot of the candidate standing on a mountain top looking rugged. They will continue their filming Saturday morning in California.

Obama will return from his Hawaiian vacation today and spend the night in Chicago.

On Saturday, both candidates will speak back-to-back (not on stage at the same time) at the Saddleback Church Compassion Forum in Lake Forrest, Calif. at 8pm Saturday.

On Sunday's news shows, Gov. Tim Pawlenty, R-Minn., and Sen. Evan Bayh, D-Ind., will appear on CBS' "Face the Nation." NBC's "Meet the Press" has Gov. Bobby Jindal, R-La., and Gov. Tim Kaine, D-Va. On ABC's "This Week," Gov. Bill Richardson, D-N.M. and Sen. Richard Lugar, R-Ind. And on "Fox News Sunday, Fmr. Gov. Tom Ridge, R-Pa., and White House Press Secretary Dana Perino.

NEW OVERNIGHT: CBS News' Marc Ambinder and Jeff Greenfield report that Obama has scheduled an event in Richmond, Va., next Thursday, but Ambinder warns that, while Obama's expected to announce his running mate next week, the Thursday event is probably not the announcement location.

LA Times' Mehta and Reston, "McCain back in Aspen, this time standing tall": " Making a rare appearance on the trail was McCain's campaign manager, Rick Davis, who ceded control of day-to-day operations in early July to chief strategist Steve Schmidt, so that Davis could focus on the vice presidential search and convention planning. Davis was accompanied by Schmidt and top campaign advisor Charlie Black... Their presence drew attention to appearances by Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr., a close friend of McCain's, and South Dakota Sen. John Thune. Both are thought to be possible running mates. South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford was also in Aspen for McCain's events. His spokesman, Joel Sawyer, said Sanford was invited as part of what he described as a "thank you" event for supporters... McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds said he had no comment on whether Thune and Huntsman were meeting with McCain or whether they were under consideration. 'Prominent supporters and high-level campaign officials are having private campaign meetings in Aspen tomorrow,' Bounds said. 'There are a lot of names being speculated about.'"'s Shaw, "Obama's VP? New Clues Point to Biden"

The Hill's Youngman, "Potential VP candidates fill Wednesday speaking slots"

Politico's Martin, "McCain alarms base with abortion comment": "McCain's comments Wednesday to the Weekly Standard's Stephen Hayes that former Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge's pro-abortion rights views wouldn't necessarily rule him out quickly found their way into the in-boxes of Christian conservatives. For those who have been anxiously awaiting McCain's pick as a signal of his ideological intentions, there was deep concern that their worst fears about the Arizona senator may be realized. 'It absolutely floored me,' said Phil Burress, head of the Ohio-based Citizens for Community Values. 'It would doom him in Ohio.'"

Detroit News' Trowbridge, "Huckabee backers may bolt": " A group of Michigan social conservatives who support former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee threatened Thursday to abandon Republican nominee John McCain, upset that McCain's vice presidential choice may not reflect their anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage positions."

Washington Times' Hallow, "McCain's hints at Ridge inspire theories"

LA Times' Hoeffecker, "Who's #2? Keep an eye on Obama's and McCain's planes"

Washington Post's Brulliard, "Kaine Intervenes In Deportation Case": " A Newport News woman who was to be deported yesterday for a 1996 crime has been pardoned by Virginia Gov. Timothy M. Kaine and will be granted a one-year reprieve by federal immigration authorities."

Washington Post's Thompson, "GOP Loyalty Not a Given For Young Evangelicals"

Chicago Tribune's Zuckman, "John McCain and the POW church riot": " Sen. John McCain, who is known for his reticence and even discomfort invoking faith on the campaign trail, was once dubbed a "Hell's Angel" for rioting against his captors in Vietnam in order to hold Sunday church services."

USA Today's Jackson and Moore, "Candidates take turns at faith forum"

Washington Post's Waters, "Rick Warren: Official Pastor of Campaign 2008"'s Brody, "Rick Warren will ask Obama and McCain about Abortion, Marriage"'s Brody, "Rick Warren Compares McCain's Faith to Gerald Ford"

NY Daily News, "Barack Obama blinks in Hillary face-off"

NY Times' Zeleny, "As a Tribute, Democrats Will Place Clinton's Name in Nomination at the Convention"

USA Today's Schouten, "Donors pick up convention tab"

Salon's Conason, "A pre-convention memo to Hillary Clinton": " Ignore your sniping campaign team. Smart advisors would tell you to give Barack Obama your undivided support from now until Election Day."

Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star, "McCain considers Virginia a Key"

Washington Post's Craig, "McCain Aide Sees Va. As Close But Winnable"

Detroit News' Trowbridge and Hornbeck, "Dems fear Kilpatrick fallout on Obama": " Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's legal problems are an increasing worry for Democrats concerned he could distract from their efforts to win Michigan for Barack Obama this fall -- whether the mayor attends the national convention in Denver or stays in Detroit."

Wall Street Journal's Paletta, Enrich and Holmes, "McCain's Son Sat on Troubled Bank's Board": "Sen. John McCain's son served until last month on the board audit committee of a Nevada bank that is struggling to survive amid mounting losses and regulatory scrutiny."

St. Paul Pioneer Press' Salisbury, "Mondale makes pitch for Obama"

Associated Press' Pickler, "Obama campaign issues rebuttal to book's claims"

Washington Post's Robinson, "Obama Faces the Smear Machine"

NY Times' Falcone, "McCain Displays Credentials as Obama Relaxes": "For the last several days, Senator Barack Obama has seemed to fade from the scene while on his secluded vacation here, as his opponent, Senator John McCain, has seized nearly every opportunity to display his foreign policy credentials on the dominant issue of the week: the conflict between Russia and Georgia."

Washington Post's Eggen and Barnes, "McCain's Focus on Georgia Raises Question of Propriety"

Politico's Vogel and Lindsey, "Sports owners fund McCain, shun Obama"

Bloomberg News' Salant, "Obama Bests McCain Among Bush-Backing Bankers, Drug Companies"

Agence France-Presse, "US troops donate more to Obama than McCain"

Associated Press' Riechmann, "Bush still raking in cash for Republicans"

Associated Press, "Monitors say McCain did not violate finance laws"

NY Times' Kovaleski and McIntire, "Lawyers' Ties Hint at Extent of Hiding Edwards's Affair"

Associated Press' Yost and Scott, "Edwards' ally explains $14,000 payment to mistress"

Associated Press, "Gramm drops by on former friend McCain"

Associated Press' Babington, "McCain running a tighter, less rambling campaign": "With a dozen weeks to go, McCain's campaign has notably limited his exposure to national reporters and even voters, devoting more time to private fundraisers, interviews with local journalists and events designed for TV cameras. This week, for example, McCain conducted only one large 'town hall' event and one full news conference, but at least seven fundraisers and a string of interviews with reporters mostly from local newspapers, radio and TV stations. From here on, 'you'll see a campaign that is better at staying on message,' said Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., a close associate who probably travels with McCain more than anyone outside his staff and family."

LA Times' Daunt, "John McCain, Barack Obama spar over 'celebrity'": "To members of the entertainment industry, the charge is ridiculous: Of course both Obama and McCain are celebrities, as every ambitious politician on the scene these days hopes to be. Modern day politics in America requires it of them."

Wall Street Journal's Solomon, "Obama Details Raising Taxes on Gains, Dividends"

Wall Street Journal's Noonan, "The End of Placeness": " OK, quick, close your eyes. Where is Barack Obama from?... Chicago? That's where Mr. Obama wound up. Modern but Midwestern: a perfect place to begin what might become a national career. Arizona? That's where Mr. McCain settled, a perfect place from which to launch a more or less conservative career in the 1980s. Neither man has or gives a strong sense of place in the sense that American politicians almost always have, since Mr. Jefferson of Virginia, and Abe Lincoln of Illinois, and FDR of New York, and JFK of Massachusetts. Even Bill Clinton was from a town called Hope, in Arkansas, even if Hope was really Hot Springs. And in spite of his New England pedigree, George W. Bush was a Texan, as was, vividly, LBJ.
Messrs. Obama and McCain are not from a place, but from an experience."

Associated Press' McCartney, "Jackson Browne sues McCain, RNC over song in ad"

Chicago Sun-Times' Sweet, "The Obamas and Their Jobs: Barack Telemarketed the New York Times; Michelle Worked in a Chicago Bindery"

Washington Post's Nakamura, "D.C. Party Is Resistant To Audacity of Change": "Like thousands of young Barack Obama supporters, Kahlill Palmer has poured his soul into the politics of change... Their idealism and enthusiasm have crashed into a formidable opposing force: the local Democratic Party, with its internecine rivalries and territorial squabbles. The District, after all, is that proverbial 'small-town big city,' where everyone knows everyone and insiders aggressively control tiny fiefdoms."