Morning Cup 'o Coffee Chases Burglar Away


CRESCENT CITY, Calif. (CBS/AP) That morning cup o' mocha chased away the cobwebs and a would-be burglar, when the manager of a Northern California business threw his hot coffee in the face of a masked intruder.

Chris Hegnes, manager of Englund Marine and Industrial Supply, was headed into work early Monday morning, Aug. 2, when he encountered a man in a mask charging at him with a hammer.

Hegnes says he hurled his hot mocha at the man's face and made a run for it.

The man came after him for a few steps, then ran to a vehicle parked behind the store.

Hegnes says the man apparently had been trying to break into a safe using the store's hardware tools. He didn't get away with much, but damaged some tools, and may have lost his liking for mochaccino.

The sheriff's office is investigating.