Morgan Harrington's Mother: Remains "Most Likely" My Daughter (PICTURES)

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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS/WCAV) Morgan Harrington's mother, Gil, said today that the skeletal remains found at a Virginia farm, are probably those of her daughter, reports CBS affiliate WCAV.

Photo: Morgan Dana Harrington with family.

PICTURES: Morgan Harrington Missing

"We don't think it's been proved definitively yet, but it's most likely," Gil Harrington said. "So, we want to go and be on hand and see if that determination can be made. Or if we can help in making that determination."

Tuesday afternoon, Gil and Dan Harrington rushed to a farm in Charlottesville, Va. about an hour's drive northwest of Richmond, to determine if remains found there were of their 20-year-old daughter who vanished during a Metallica concert Oct. 27, 2009.

Photo: Morgan Harrington.

PICTURES: Morgan Harrington Missing

Earlier on Tuesday, Gil Harrington said she wanted to thank people for all their prayers and the efforts to find Morgan. "I was hoping we would find her alive, but at least we won't always be wondering for a lifetime," she said. "We're still kind of processing, trying to, although all this time, we've been trying to prepare ourselves for this endpoint," Harrington said.

As of this writing, the identity of the remains was not confirmed.

PICTURES: Morgan Harrington Missing

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