Morgan Freeman on acting, "Through the Wormhole"


(CBS News) Though he's played God twice in the movies, Morgan Freeman says you can't confuse the actor with the role.

"It's a big mistake to equate the actor with the part," Freeman said Tuesday on "CBS This Morning." Freeman played the role of God in "Bruce Almighty," and "Evan Almighty."

"Chris Reeve spoke to me at length about that one time," Freeman said of the late actor who played Superman in four films.

"The first year, when he did "Superman," (the) second year he tried to be Superman," Freeman said. "Just about ruined him."

Reeve and Freeman appeared together in the 1987 film "Street Smart." The role gave Freeman his first Oscar nomination.

The Academy Award winning actor's series "Through the Wormhole" airs on the Science Channel.