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"Monster homes" causing controversy in Honolulu

HONOLULU -- Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell has backed a two-year ban on large-scale houses that have been sprouting up in older Oahu neighborhoods.

Caldwell said Tuesday that the so-called "monster houses" should be banned in residential zones while officials figure out how to curtail their spread.

"The spread of monster homes is a serious issue that affects the well-being of families in long-established neighborhoods and we need to get a handle on the situation before it spirals out of control," Caldwell said in a news release, reports CBS Honolulu affiliate KGMB-TV

Caldwell said that although the houses are being built to combat Oahu's housing shortage, the island can't allow the "oversized structures to change the character" of communities.

Caldwell said a moratorium, or temporary ban, would buy officials time to evaluate the impacts of the new dwellings.

Supporters of the large homes say they're used by multi-generational families that can't afford the condominiums being built.

Opponents say they're essentially small apartment buildings, KGMB reports.