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Monica Lewinsky Says Bill Clinton Lied Under Oath

In what Politico bills "the first definitive history of the Clinton scandal," former White House intern Monica Lewinsky says former President Bill Clinton lied under oath when describing their romantic encounters.

The author of the new book "The Death of American Virtue," due out in February, also claims Mr. Clinton had an extramarital affair with Susan McDougal, one of the few people who served prison time because of the Whitewater investigation.

In his 769-page book, author Ken Gormley provides "a detailed, even scholarly retelling of an epic saga of grand jury depositions, fevered partisans, and a single stained blue dress that once transfixed a nation," Politico writes. The book is the result of interviews with key players, including Mr. Clinton himself, Lewinsky, independent counsel Ken Starr and former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott.

Lewinsky told Gormley, a Duquesne University law professor, that she believes Clinton lied during his grand jury testimony. "There was no leeway [there] on the veracity of his statements because they asked him detailed and specific questions to which he answered untruthfully," she reportedly wrote to Gormley.

After numerous interviews and his own review of relevant documents, Gormley wrote in his book that he is certain "some intimate involvement did occur" between Clinton and McDougal.

In his discussions with Gormley, Clinton reportedly said he continues to feel aggrieved over the Lewinsky scandal and its aftermath. He did, however, defend himself against his adversaries, calling Henry Hyde, the head of the House impeachment team, a "bitter right-winger" and "hypocrite."

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