Monday Meltdown Roundup: Pfeffer, Hanssens, Anderson, Gates and Whitman on Crisis, and More

Last Updated Oct 20, 2008 5:46 PM EDT

Pfeffer on not succumbing to the madness -- In this Corner Office guest post, business thinker, Jeffrey Pfeffer, weighs in on the crisis and urges us all not to panic.

BNET Financial Services has your number -- BNET Financial Services analysts, Robert Reed and Peter Galuszka are all over the crisis. How is the meltdown affecting community banks? Why Wachovia will work well for Wells. How the bank bailout is good for private investors. Uncle Sam stakes his claim and says, "Howdy, partners!" to banks. More »
Meltdown marketing opportunity -- Back to B-School's Jeremy Dan interviews UCLA Anderson prof, Dominique Hanssens, who says that now's the time for marketing to shine. Readers weigh in.

No pizza for you! -- The 10-Q Detective shows how the Lehman's collapse is affecting that old stand by of frat boys and stoners, Domino's Pizza. Meanwhile, GM's Wagoner looks to be wearing a 'chute of solid gold, and AmeriCredit remains optimistic about "sub-prime auto loans."
How to talk your workers off the ledge -- Team Taskmaster, CC Holland, offers tips on how employers and managers can help ease workers' economic woes, keep them focused on the job and stay productive.
Wall Street: America's dream factory or fantasy land? -- Big Think's Michael Fitzgerald offers roundup of some of the best books on how we got into this awful mess. Plus, learn the meaning of the world synecdoche. And by the way, just how did Goldman coming out smelling almost rosy?

Big brains talk about big losses -- Business leaders at Harvard share their views of the crisis, including Bill Gates, John Doerr, Jeffrey Immelt, Anand G. Mahindra, Meg Whitman and James D. Wolfensohn.

It's all your fault! -- Citigroup's Pandit and Columbia's Mohanram finger the cause of the crisis. Plus, Chris Anderson's theory of bad business.

PR guidelines for weathering the crisis -- Our resident PR guru, Jon Greer, offers sage advice for flacksters who want to survive and succeed in tough times.

Poll: How's the crisis impacting your job? -- Is your company at the point of considering layoffs? Is access to capital damaging your efforts? You tell us.