Modern Majesty: Kate's good fortune

Kate Middleton, 13, performs in a school play.

LONDON - Who knew that a role in a school play could set the tone for Kate Middleton's future.

Middleton, just 13 at the time, starred in a performance of "Murder in the Red Barn" at St. Andrew's Preparatory School. In a scene from the performance, a fortune teller predicts her character's fairytale future.

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Fortune teller: Soon you will meet a handsome man, a rich gentleman.

Kate: It is all I have ever hoped for. Will he fall in love with me?

Fortune teller: Indeed he will.

Kate: And marry me?

Fortune teller: And marry you.

Kate: Will he take me away from here?

Fortune teller: Yes... to.. to... London.

Kate: Rich and handsome (sighs happily)... He'll fall in love with me (sighs)... He'll marry me (sighs)... London (big happy sigh).

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