Mnuchin sidesteps Trump-Russia business ties at Senate hearing

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Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin would not fully commit to providing a list of business associates of President Trump who had any ties to Russia to lawmakers at a Senate hearing on Thursday.

Mnuchin, who was asked to testify before the Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, sidestepped Ohio Democratic Ranking Member Sherrod Brown's request for a complete list of any associates of Mr. Trump or his administration, including his family members who had such relationships.

Mnuchin advised Brown to follow up with Mnuchin's team following the hearing, but Brown told him he had already sent Mnuchin a written request back in March. He continued to press Mnuchin to commit to providing a list of any business entanglements.

Brown told Mnuchin that the American people are "troubled by the president's business connections," particularly when members of the Trump family conduct business in another country on behalf of the Trump brand.

"It's about the national security of this country and it's about people wanting that information," added Brown.

Mnuchin replied that he can "assure if there were any cases that involved the president" and members of his family, that he would "take it very seriously" and review them like anyone else.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on Trump's tax plan

Earlier, Mnuchin reiterated his past claims that the Trump administration would be providing historic reforms to tax codes and regulations, saying "a goal of 3 percent GDP or higher growth is achievable."

"Our goal to bring relief to middle-income Americans and make American business competitive again."

With no concrete plan on how the White House proposes to follow through on such major tax cuts, the secretary said that Treasury is preparing tax principles to provide a "roadmap for that administration's approach to financial regulation."