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Missing Michigan Boys Update: Boys' Father, John Skelton, Arrested for Parental Kidnapping

Missing Michigan Boys Update: Boys' Father, John Skelton, Arrested for Parental Kidnapping
The three missing Skelton boys: Alexander, 7, Andrew, 9, and Tanner, 5. (Personal Photo)

MORENCI, Mich. (CBS/WBNS) The Michigan police chief heading the investigation for three missing brothers said in a press conference Tuesday, that the boys' father, John Skelton, has been arrested for parental kidnapping.

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Skelton was released from a mental hospital and taken into custody by FBI agents outside of Toledo shortly before 3 p.m., according to Morenci Police Chief Larry Weeks.

He is facing three counts of parental kidnapping.

Because he was arrested in another state he will face an extradition hearing to be returned to Michigan, Weeks said.

Weeks said earlier Tuesday that while searchers continue to look for 9-year-old Andrew, 7-year-old Alexander and 5-year-old Tanner Skelton, hopes of finding the boys alive are steadily dwindling, reports CBS affiliate WBNS.

The three boys were last seen Thursday in the backyard of their father's southern Michigan home, about 12 miles from the Ohio-Michigan border.

The boys' father has been in an Ohio hospital since Friday, receiving treatment for "mental health issues" after telling police he tried to hang himself, Weeks said.

Skelton originally told police that he gave his sons to a woman he met on the Internet so she could bring them to their mother, Tanya Skelton. However, on Monday police said Skelton lied about the woman he supposedly gave his sons to and they do not believe she exists, according to WBNS.

The police chief said Skelton is providing some information to investigators, but not all of it is credible, and they are not sure what to believe.

Investigators shifted their search to Ohio on Monday, looking in Williams County. Currently, there is no indication that leads investigators to believe that the boys are still alive.