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Missing Kansas City baby Lisa Irwin's brothers interviewed again

Lisa Irwin KCTV

(CBS/KCTV/AP) KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Police interviewed the half-brothers of missing Kansas City baby Lisa Irwin Thursday afternoon about the night of their sister's disappearance.

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Lisa's parents, Jeremy Irwin and Debbie Bradley, have previously resisted allowing the interviews because they said they didn't want the boys to be traumatized by investigators. But police ensured they would be questioned by experts who specialize in dealing with children.

The two boys, ages five and eight, were in the home when Lisa disappeared. They were first interviewed in the hours after their sister was reported missing on Oct. 4. Police had then sought a second interview with the boys after investigators had gathered more information. They also sought their DNA to compare it to DNA in the home.The interview was originally scheduled for last month but Irwin and Bradley cancelled it.

The brothers were finally interviewed only a day before Lisa's first birthday on Friday.

Bill Stanton, a New York private detective who is serving as a spokesman for baby Lisa's parents, said he does not believe the boys will offer any critical information that could break the case open, but said the interviews could only help the case, CBS affiliate KCTV reports. He reportedly said one of the boys heard a "tapping" noise during the hours in question.

Jeremy Irwin said he came home around 4 a.m. on Oct. 4 after a rare late shift at work and discovered the baby was gone. He said a window was ajar, all the lights were on, the front door was unlocked and three cellphones were missing.

Lisa's mother, Deborah Bradley, admits she spent the previous evening sitting outside with a neighbor, smoking cigarettes and getting drunk on boxed wine. She says she last checked on the baby around 6:30 p.m.

She has said police have accused her of being involved in the child's disappearance, and that she failed a polygraph test. In tearful early statements to the media, Bradley repeatedly insisted she doesn't know what happened to her child.