Mom's video of bullied daughter gets attention

A Minnesota mother's viral video of her daughter sobbing after being bullied at school got the attention of school officials, CBS affiliate KXJB-TV in Fargo, North Dakota, reports.

Sarah Cymbaluk, of Fosston, Minnesota, taped her daughter, Anna, crying and describing how the alleged bullying made her feel.

Anna Cymbaluk cries as she describes bullying at her school
In the video, Anna's little brother told her mother that someone on the playground told Anna, "You're going to die by suicide." The boy also said he was called expletives on the playground.

Cymbaluk posted the video to Facebook, where it was shared more than 10,000 times in less than 24 hours.

"They feel like they're worth nothing," Cymbaluk told KXJB-TV. "You tell them there's adults to help you, there's people to help you, the school will help you."

The school district's superintendent said the allegations were new to him.

"I found out about the situation a couple days ago, and I think it could have been resolved without going to Facebook," Superintendent Mark Nohner told KXJB-TV.

Cymbaluk said the family's been trying to get the bullying to stop since December. KXJB-TV reports the school is looking into the allegations.