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Mindy McCready Sex-Video Teaser Pulled

Is country singer and VH1 "Celebrity Rehab" star Mindy McCready's alleged sex tape authentic?

McCready and her lawyer claim it's not, and say that Vivid Entertainment, the adult film company that is releasing the video, doesn't have the proof of authorization or authenticity to say that it is.

A teaser clip of the alleged sex tape, "Mindy McCready, Baseball Mistress" that was leaked online on Wednesday has since been pulled by several Web sites, including Spike and Gawker.

McCready's attorney and family friend, Adam Dread said in a statement that he and McCready are "hopeful other outlets will follow suit."

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Although a lawsuit hasn't been filed over the alleged video footage yet, Dread told CBS News that "there will be an injunction provided."

As for McCredy's state of mind, Dread says, "She's very upset. It's been a couple of rough years for her and now this..."

McCready is releasing her first country album in 14 years, "I'm Still Here," and plans a tour this spring to promote it.

The album, which opens with a somber string arrangement and prayerful words about sin, forgiveness and making amends, includes the songs, "I Want To Love You" and "I Want a Man."

"As of right now, she's releasing her new album on April 20 as scheduled," said Kat Atwood, directing editor at Music City News Media. "She is happy to celebrate its release. It's a mirror image of her life, where it's been and where she hopes it will be."

Despite the allegations, Dread says McCready's efforts to relaunch her music career have remained unscathed.

"There hasn't been any effect on her music career. Celebrities deal with defamation all the time," he said. "She has a beautiful voice and we look forward to the release of her new album."

So, what does the alleged McCready sex tape have on it?

According to Fox News, a woman claiming to be McCready goes into great detail in the tape about her alleged affair with married Red Sox pitcher Roger Clemens.

A rep for Clemens had no comment.

Vivid Entertainment said earlier this week it planned to release the tape on April 19.

In addition to her music career, McCready is known for a tabloid life of domestic abuse, drug and DUI arrests, and suicide attempts.

She later had a high-profile role in the 2010 edition of VH1's "Celebrity Rehab." On the TV show, she performed her title song, "I'm Still Here" about surviving difficult times, which brought her "Rehab" colleagues to tears.

According to Music City News Media, McCready is scheduled to hold a press junket on April 8 and 9 in New York where she anticipates being interviewed by several televised media outlets.