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Miley Cyrus Grows Up with "Can't Be Tamed" Video

Miley Cyrus is spreading her wings - literally - in a new music video.

The "Hannah Montana" star is stepping even further away from her Disney image with the sexy new video for her latest single, "Can't Be Tamed."

The video shows Cyrus -- dressed in a revealing outfit and smoky eye makeup -- as Aves Cyrus, a rare bird trapped in a giant cage inside a museum. She escapes the cage - backup dancers in tow - and dances through the museum, destroying it as she goes. She's also shown lying seductively in a metallic corset, surrounded by peacock feathers.

The sexy video is a departure from Cyrus' earlier, more wholesome videos. The costumes, chorography, bevy of backup dancers and the "can't-keep-me-down" lyrics look like something out of Britney Spears' heyday.

The song is from the album of the same name, "Can't Be Tamed," which is set to released on June 22

Watch the video below: