Midtown Manhattan shown wondrous through time-lapse

(CBS News) So, I have something to tell you all now... It is with a heavy heart that I let you know that your blogger here will be leaving The Feed after today. Now, now, don't shed any tears or scream out at the top of your lungs, because the content you know and love will continue to be covered each and everyday here by my talented colleagues. But it seems only fitting, as I prepare to leave CBS News, that I end it with a powerful time-lapse piece focused on the specific area I've worked in so long. Click play to take in the amazing sights and sounds of Midtown Manhattan.

The incredible, fast-paced piece, aptly entitled "Midtown" (with music by Danny McCarthy), was posted on Vimeo by District 7 Media who write about the creation of it:

Midtown New York City is the place to be. The lights, cars, traffic, architecture and people make the city come to life as a living, breathing, organism that never sleeps. Take a trip with this time-lapse production into the city and see the sights and sounds that create this magnificent destination.
For us, this time-lapse production was produced using more than 50,000 still frames, shot over the course of 6 months traveling back and forth from Washington DC to New York City. Our main goal was to capture the central part of the city in both visuals and audio. The sound effects used in this production were taken from the various locations we shot and were added in to give you the feeling of actually being there.
A triple-rainbow salute of Big Apple made wondrous goes out to District 7 Media from us here at The Feed for this incredibly visual display! (Along with a round of applause to all of you for being fans of The Feed and inspiring me in my endeavors - I can't thank you enough!) And to see more exceptional work by District 7 Media, be sure to visit their website by clicking here.