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Microsoft's push to make Xbox the go-to for gamers

Microsoft is stepping up its game against Sony
Microsoft is stepping up its game against Son... 02:14

Game on.

Microsoft wants to convince gamers that Xbox is better than the Sony PlayStation, and a Windows 10 upgrade is part of the pitch.

"Microsoft's using that leverage, saying, hey, Windows 10 is not only a great operating system, it's fantastic for gamers," CNET senior editor Jeff Bakalar said.

With the latest Windows update, Microsoft is pushing integration between gaming on the PC and gaming on the Xbox console. Users will be able to play and manage Xbox games on their their Windows 10 computer.

"They're using this sort of two-side approach at attracting gamers," Bakalar said.

Microsoft had previously announced that Xbox One would be made compatible with Xbox 360 games. The company is launching the compatibility feature with 100 titles starting in November.

And for those times when you're not playing games (or when game playing gets in the way of TV watching), in 2016, the Xbox One will also gain DVR capabilities, though only of over-the-air network stations. Users will be able to use the console to schedule recordings, stream recordings to their devices and download shows for offline viewing, CNET reported.

This should all give player plenty of ways to prepare for the Halo World Championship and its $1 million in prizes, announced Tuesday:

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