Michelle Obama to attend funeral of Chicago teen who performed at inauguration

Chicago's epidemic of gun violence is proving so intractable that few believe the killing of a 15-year-old girl will mark a turning point. But, as Dean Reynolds reports, the city's police have a new plan to saturate gang-infested neighborhoods with law enforcement.
CBS News

First Lady Michelle Obama will head to Chicago on Saturday to attend the funeral of Hadiya Pendleton, the teenage girl who was slain last month just days after performing in the presidential inauguration activities, a White House official told CBS News.

Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan will also attend, according to the official.

Pendleton, who was 15, was shot to death at a Chicago park on January 29. She was a majorette with the King College Prep High School band, which performed at several inaugural events eight days earlier.