Michael Zimny, Ill. man, accused of beating woman's head against clothes dryer, report says

Michael Patrick Zimny
Kosciusko County Sheriff's Office via CBS Chicago

(CBS) CHICAGO - Michael Patrick Zimny, a 54-year-old Illinois man, is accused of beating a woman's head against a clothes dryer Sunday in an apparent fight over who was using the machine, CBS Chicago reports.

According to the station, there was only one working clothes dryer where the incident took place, at the Jellystone Campground in Kosciusko County, Ind., and the fight erupted for that reason.

Sheriff's Sgt. Chad Hill says a 24-year-old Indiana woman was critically injured after her head was beaten against the dryer.

Hill said officers later located Zimny, of Glenwood, Ill., at his campground and arrested him. He reportedly faces a charge of felony aggravated battery.

Zimny's grandson spoke with CBS Chicago and expressed doubt over the allegations, calling his grandfather a hard worker.

"I'm very upset that my grandpa's accused of something like that. He's not like that. I've grown up with him 19 years. I look up to the man," Gage Walters told the station.

He said the campground where police say the attack occurred is a retreat for the family.

"We go to the campground and relax. We get away from everything over here. That's our little piece of heaven," Walters said.