Mich. doctor arrested for outburst in Fla. airport

Nana Mimura
CBS Detroit

(CBS) DETROIT - A Michigan doctor was arrested Thursday after getting angry over a flight cancellation at an airport in Florida, CBS Detroit reports.

Dr. Nana Mimura, an internist in Oakland County, Mich., was headed home from Fort Myers around 5:30a.m. when she lost her temper at a Southwest Florida International Airport after being told her flight had been canceled, the station says.

Mimura, 45, reportedly began screaming and swearing at agents behind the Spirit Airlines counter, saying she was getting "ripped off."

Police were called to the scene but Mimura still would not calm down. According to the station, Mimura refused to leave the area after being asked to do so several times and was reportedly abusive to the officers, which resulted in her being forced to the ground, handcuffed and arrested.

Police said Mimura later apologized and explained that she was upset with Spirit Airlines. Mimura allegedly said she was told her flight was canceled because a flight attendant called in sick.

Mimura faces charges of trespassing and resisting an officer.