Mich. cops aim to flush out toilet thief

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(CBS) ROSEVILLE, Mich. - Police are training their sights on a toilet thief who has been stealing metal parts from men's rooms in Roseville, Mich.

Deputy Police Chief Don Glandon says the suspect has been taking the exposed piping that leads to a toilet or urinal, CBS Detroit reports.

"In one incident ... one of the automatic flush mechanisms was taken so ... that might lean towards someone took it for a job that he's doing or a replacement on some other piece of equipment," he said.

Glandon says whoever is behind it could also be selling the metal for scrap.

That's an 's'...followed by c-r-a-p.

The toilet-part thief has struck at 3 businesses' bathrooms since last Thursday, CBS Detroit reports.

"We just hope it doesn't do a whole lot of damage or you know, flood a business, by doing unauthorized plumbing work," said Deputy Glandon.

Police say the person behind it is about 5 feet 9 inches tall, wears a Carhart jacket, and might be using a red 4 door vehicle as a getaway car.

He might also be carrying toilet parts.