Melissa Miller, Colo. woman accused of killing roommate, had previous roommate who died in 2003, report says

Melissa Miller

(CBS) DENVER - Melissa Miller, a 54-year-old Colorado woman arrested Monday on charges of killing her roommate, had another roommate in 2003 who sued her and was later found dead of an apparent suicide, CBS Denver reports.

Miller, of Lakewood, was taken into custody Monday afternoon and was charged in the death of Leann "Annie" Meyer.

The station reports Miller's previous roommate, in 2003, also died - but it wasn't murder, it was suicide. Now, the family of Stephanie Phye, the former roommate, says Miller may be responsible for leading Phye to commit suicide.

Court documents obtained by the station show Phye filed a lawsuit against Miller in 2003 accusing her of stealing a large sum of money. Just a few weeks after the lawsuit was filed, Phye was found dead in her Denver apartment in an apparent suicide, the station reports.

According to the station, members of Phye's family say Miller's controlling relationship with Phye and the theft of her money ultimately led her to commit suicide. Because of Phye's death, the lawsuit was dropped and Miller never returned the money to Phye's family, the station reports.