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Lindsay Lohan poses for "Mean Girls" reunion photo with Daniel Franzese

A mini "Mean Girls" reunion happened in New York City on Wednesday, when Lindsay Lohan struck a pose with former co-star Daniel Franzese. 

Yup, Cady and Damian took a photo together. 

Lohan, 27, shared the snapshot on her Instagram page:


Franzese shared the same photo on his Instagram account and added a caption that "Mean Girls" fans would approve of.

"Sexy #regram from @lindsaylohan a Classic NYC moment after an amazing dinner at #BodegaNegra," he wrote. "You can't sit with us!" 

What could they have been discussing? Another takedown of Regina George and the rest of the Plastics? Whether they still wear pink on Wednesdays? If they should stop trying to make “fetch” happen?

Whatever it was, the snapshot comes a few months ahead of the Tina Fey-penned smash film's 10-year anniversary. Yes, you read that right -- "Mean Girls" is almost 10 years old. And there's a potential musical version in the works. 

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