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McConnell Asks For Quick Bailout Vote, Reid Says No

Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell asked for a quick vote Monday on the bailout, but Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says there's no reason to rush because the bill will easily pass the Senate on Wednesday.

Some Republican senators are urging for quick passage if the House clears the bill this afternoon so they can move on from what will be a politically unpopular vote and perhaps calm the financial markets by sending the bill to the White House today. It's interesting to hear Republicans like McConnell push for quick passage of a bill that many of his conservative colleagues hate, while Reid says there's no hurry.

Both sides may be playing some politics here, as Republicans would like to get this chapter behind them while Democrats may want to see Republican senators squirm for two more days.

"The House has been debating this for five hours," Reid said. "Everyone should just calm down. There's nothing wrong with talking about this. I have no doubt it will pass the Senate."

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