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McCain's Tina Fey Mention Draws Jeers From The Crowd

From CBS News' John Bentley:

(WOODBRIDGE, VA.) -- Usually it's only the mention of Barack Obama or the national media that get boos at McCain rallies, but today it was Tina Fey.

McCain mentioned that his running mate was appearing on "Saturday Night Live" tonight, and a hearty boo came up from the crowd when McCain mentioned the cast member that impersonates Sarah Palin:

"As you know she's going to be with Tina Fey, who I think is her twin sister," McCain said to boos from the crowd. "I think they were separated at birth, but anyway, I know she'll do a great job."

Fey mentioned earlier this week that she's "leaving earth" if McCain and Palin were elected, which could account for her lack of popularity at Republican rallies.

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