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McCain To Skip Election Night Party?

John McCain will not appear in front of crowds of supporters inside the Biltmore Hotel in Phoenix on Election Night, the Associated Press reports. Instead, he is planning on delivering his election night remarks to a small group of supporters, reporters and guests on the lawn outside. McCain aides say he that's because of space issues inside the hotel and that he may drop into the party at some time during the evening. McCain's remarks will be shown inside the party, according to the report.

Meanwhile, the Chicago Tribune reports that Barack Obama's outdoor election night party in Chicago will cost about $2 million, paid for by the campaign. The event will be held in and around the city's Grant Park.

Update: CBS News chief political consultant Marc Ambinder reports that the McCain campaign is disputing this report: "He'll speak outdoors on the lawn in front of backlit Camelback mountains -- it will be beautiful -- and 2000 plus people will be out there with him. The rest of the guests will be in ballrooms and overflow tents with widescreen TV's."