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McCain Spot: "Compare" The Candidates

The McCain campaign has released a new ad, "Compare," that suggests Barack Obama will raise taxes, hurt small businesses, and be a "risky" president. The spot is set to air in "key states."

"Your choice," a female announcer says as the spot opens.

As a photo of Obama appears, the announcer says, "for higher taxes." When McCain appears, she says, "for workin' Joe's."

Though the ad implies that the Democrat will raise taxes on "workin' Joe's," Obama says the only people who would see their taxes go up under his plan are those making more than $250,000 per year.

Obama, the announcer continues, will "spread your income," while McCain wants the viewer to "keep what's yours."

The Democratic candidate, she adds, represents "a trillion in new spending," while McCain wants to "freeze spending, eliminate waste."

As Obama again appears onscreen, she says "pain for small business." McCain's picture is accompanied by the words "economy growth."

Finally, she says Obama is "risky," while McCain is "proven."

"For a stronger America, McCain," she concludes.