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McCain Says Obama Is "Very, Very Good" at Debates

From CBS News' John Bentley:

(CLEVELAND, OHIO) – While the first presidential debate is still three days away, it is very much on the mind of John McCain, who was quite complimentary of his opponent today.

"Have no doubt about the capabilities of Sen. Obama to debate. I mean, he's very, very good," McCain said.

"He was able to defeat Sen. Hillary Clinton, who, as we all know, is very accomplished, very accomplished. And he was able to, I think, with his eloquence, inspire a great number of Americans."

McCain was speaking to a group of about 100 supporters and volunteers in a Cleveland suburb as he tried to raise the expectations of Obama during their first debate. But he also expressed confidence that he would be able to win the debate on the issues.

"These are going to be tough debates, my friends. But I believe on the substance, on the substance I can convince the American people that I can reform government, restore prosperity, and keep peace," said McCain.

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