McCain: Obama "Out of Touch"

From CBS News' Dante Higgins:

John McCain says Barack Obama is "truly out of touch" and suggests he should apologize for his remarks about small-town Americans.

After breaking his silence on Barack Obama's remarks about small town Americans this morning, McCain continues to go after his rival for not repudiating his comments.

"I think it may be defining [for Obama] because it shows a fundamental attitude about the heartland of America," McCain said to reporters on his campaign plane this evening. "I think it's pretty important. And the fact that he continues to say that he does not apologize for those remarks, I think indicates a certain out-of-touch elitism."

"Small-town America is the heartland of America. They've provided some of our bravest and most successful you men and women. They know that they've been through tough times. And they know that the future of America is brighter and better ahead of us. They're not given to depression, and they don't shape their values about hunting or about their religion because they're unhappy about the economy. That shows a fundamental misunderstanding of the American people and he's truly out of touch," he added.

While on the topic of Obama he got in a word about public financing saying he will take it for the general election if the Democratic nominee does. "I committed to it and I'm holding to that. Senator Obama should stick by his word. He apparently is not," he said.

McCain ended by rolling his eyes in reference to Obama's recent "Annie Oakley" criticism of Hillary Clinton. A reporter asked him what type of gun he was going to take duck hunting. "You know the six-shooter has always been, you know…," he said as he rolled his eyes and walked away.