McCain Mobbed By Press as He Visits S.C. Polling Place

From CBS News' Dante Higgins:

CHARLESTON, S.C. -- On a grey, cold and wet primary day, John McCain was upbeat today during his visit to a polling station here.

"I'm feeling good, I'm hoping the weather eases a little, get more people out," he said to cameras as he walked by.

McCain arrived with wife Cindy, Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., S.C. House Speaker Bobby Harrell and McCain's mother Roberta met him at the polling station; their arrival caused quite a stir.

As the Straight Talk Express pulled up to West Ashley Middle School to a soaked and chilly gang of press and supporters. The McCain campaign's advance teams roped off areas for McCain to walk through but it didn't take long for chaos to ensue. Cameramen yelled at other cameramen to stay out of their shots.

After McCain made it out of the bus, the rows of media he walked past then descended upon him blocking the entrance from voters.

McCain tried to hold a press conference as advance members pushed press out of the way to make room for voters to pass.

"I just want to vote and get the hell out of here!" a voter yelled to me from her car. McCain's team quickly came over and explained that there was no line to get in assuring her that she would have no problem.

After a couple of minutes Graham made the call to move on.

"I think we ought to probably go," Graham said. "This would not bode well with me if I were voting."

McCain and his entourage then shuffled back out into the parking lot sending the mass of cameras and audio recorders into a panic as they gathered ladders and cords to follow. Slowly, McCain and his entourage zigzagged their way back to the Straight Talk Express.

Later on the bus, McCain recapped his S.C. campaign saying, "I think we feel comfortable that we did everything that we could. The campaign went as well as we could. You can't do anything about the weather."