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McCain Launches Spanish Web Site, Will Speak To La Raza

It's Cinco de Mayo, and John McCain's campaign has chosen the Mexican holiday to launch a Spanish-language version of its Web site.

The site features a Spanish-language ad for McCain and trumpets the phrase "Estamos Unidos Con McCain" – which translates to "We Are United With McCain."

As USA Today notes, McCain was asked today if Republicans will be damaged in November by the hard line many in the party took on immigration. McCain himself took a more moderate position in line with President Bush.

"The tenor of the debate has harmed our image among Hispanics," McCain acknowledged. The McCain campaign also released a statement today commemorating Cinco de Mayo and stating that "we join together to remember the sacrifice that these Mexican patriots [at the the Battle of Puebla] endured."

In related news, McCain announced today that he will address La Raza, a liberal-leaning Latino group, in July. Politico's Jonathan Martin suggests that McCain is "trying to show that he's not George W. Bush by going into the lion's den and taking hostile, unscripted questions from adversarial groups." The McCain campaign says the candidate is scheduling the stop "as part of his commitment to talking with all Americans."

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