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McCain Jabs Obama, Then Gets Jabbed By Protestors

From CBS News' Jamie Farnsworth:

(WASHINGTON) John McCain and Barack Obama both adressed the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) in Washington, D.C. today, however, the two senators did not see each other. McCain took time at the top of his speech to point out the fact.

"I understand that my friend Senator Obama will, who I admire and respect a great deal, will be here after me," McCain said. "I believe that both we could have stood here and responded to your questions of comments or views."

Then ten minutes into his speech, McCain was interrupted by the first of four protestors.

"We want a peace candidate," a woman yelled. As she was escorted out of the large room she continued to yell "He doesn't represent Arizona! We want a peace candidate!"

"That's a long trip out," McCain laughed. The crowd cheered as he said, "The one thing Americans want us to stop doing is yelling at each other. That's the one thing they want us to stop doing."

The second and third protestors were escorted out just as quickly as the first, and the fourth protestor only made a larger stir among the press, as he had been seated within the press section.

McCain wrapped up his time by speaking about immigration and the need to treat immigrants in a "humane fashion" and with respect.

He heads to Kentucky this evening for closed fund-raisers.

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