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McCain Camp's Fake Press Pass Lampoons Obama, Media

From CBS News' John Bentley:

(WILKES-BARRE, Penn.) John McCain's campaign had a little fun at Barack Obama's expense tonight, issuing a fake press pass to the McCain traveling press on the bus as we landed at the airport here. The front of the pass identifies the McCain press corps as the "JV Squad" and has the caption "Left Behind to Report in America."

The reverse side features a Frenchman pouring a glass of wine with the same caption en francaise ("Laisse en arriere pour faire un rapport en Amerique").

The fake press pass satirizes the preferential treatment that the McCain campaign suggests the media has given Barack Obama. The allegation of media bias is nothing new but has reached a fever pitch in light of the presumptive Democratic nominee's foreign trip, which has garnered extensive attention from the press.

Earlier on Tuesday, the McCain campaign released a web ad called "Obama Love," which strings together a series of clips featuring prominent TV journalists lavishing praise upon the Illinois senator.

Check out the pictures of the fake press pass below.