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McCain Backs Bailout Deal

John McCain is being careful not to take much credit for the bailout deal, but says that everyone in Congress should "swallow hard and go forward with it."

In his interview with ABC's This Week with George Stephanopoulous, McCain said he was optimistic the deal would go through, and says congressional negotiators deserve "great credit" for the bipartisan deal.

McCain's remarks will be aired later this morning on ABC. His taped remarks on the show came to The Crypt via a pool report filed by Politico's own Amie Parnes.

"Again I’d like to see the details but hopefully yes… This is something that all of us will swallow hard and go forward with," McCain said. "There’s provisions I think are met here.”

“I am for whatever steps we need to be taking now," McCain said on the show. "Let’s get this deal off the table, let’s get this to the president ... to get the economic system moving again.”

Regarding his involvement in the negotiations, McCain said he "saw that the House Republicans were not engaged in the negotiations. I understand that. They’re the most fiscally conservative people.”

But McCain didn’t take credit for the negotiations: “They did it themselves.”

McCain realizes that many rank and file Republicans in the House, as well as fiscal conservatives in general, will continue to oppose the bailout. But he said "the option of doing nothing is simply not acceptable."

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