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Father who died 6 years ago left son $10 to buy him his first beer when he turned 21

A Massachusetts man's 21st birthday turned extra special after finding out his late father left behind $10 so he could enjoy his first legal beer. 

Matt Goodman reached the milestone on Sunday and tweeted photos of him drinking a Bud Light at at bar in Attleboro and a $10 bill.

"Almost 6 years ago before my dad passed he gave my sister this 10$ bill to give to me on my 21st birthday so he could buy me my first beer, cheers pops havin this one for you!" he wrote. 

Matt told CBS News on Friday that his sister, Casey, handed him an envelope the night before and said he was "confused" when he saw the money. 

"She kind of explained the backstory and everything and then it turned into a pretty emotional moment and started crying," he said.

Casey told CBS Boston that over the years it was hard to keep the secret with her mom, but it was all worth it. 

"It's just something so typical that my dad would have done," she said. "To buy his first beer. Him and my dad were so close and he's had such a hard time anytime that a monumental moment comes up in his life that my dad's not there."

Their father, who died of cancer six years ago, had strong bond with Matt. He and his father would go fishing, ride quads or play washer toss in the backyard.

"Me and him were just like best friends," he told CBS News. "Anytime we would hang out, it was just like having fun." 

His tweet went viral and even captured the attention of Budweiser, which sent him a few boxes of beer. 

His story resonated with Twitter users who also shared their pain about losing loved ones. Matt was grateful for the support and encouraged people to donate to the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, who helped his father. 

"Appreciate all of you asking for my venmo, but instead if you wanted to send money feel free to donate any amount to dana farber they did a lot for my dad so that would be much appreciated!" he tweeted. 

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