Wife sought protection from suspect in killing spree

Last Updated May 7, 2016 12:13 PM EDT

Police near Washington, D.C., are trying to figure out why a federal law enforcement officer allegedly went on a killing spree.

D.C.-area shooting suspect arrested

Eulalio Tordil was arrested Friday. He's accused of killing three people and wounding at least three others in three separate locations.

Police said the violence started on Thursday, when Tordil killed his estranged wife.

CBS News correspondent Kris Van Cleave reports court documents show just weeks ago Gladys Tordil received a protective order against her husband. She claimed he abused her and their children.

That order got Tordil, an armed police officer with the Federal Protective Service police, put on administrative leave.

​Police take Eulalio Tordil, 62, a suspect in three fatal shootings in the Washington, D.C., area into custody in Bethesda, Md., May 6, 2016.
Police take Eulalio Tordil, 62, a suspect in three fatal shootings in the Washington, D.C., area into custody in Bethesda, Md., May 6, 2016. AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Surveillance video showed the moment police end a deadly 24-hour shooting spree. Officers swarmed Tordil's car in the parking lot of a Maryland strip mall.

Officers tracked him for an hour, watching him as made his way from store to store, even eating lunch in the shopping center.

D.C.-area shooting suspect in custody

Montgomery County Police Chief Thomas Manger said officers kept their distance, hoping to avoid a gunfight.

"Plainclothes officers waited until it was safe to take him into custody, and that's what they did," Manger said.

Tordil was unarmed when he was hauled off in handcuffs, but cops found a gun in his car.

"He put his hands out," an eyewitness said. "That's probably the best thing he could have done."

The violence started Thursday, when Gladys Tordil was shot dead outside their daughters' high school. A man trying to intervene was also shot and wounded.

Gladys Tordil was a teacher at a nearby school. Both schools and his wife were off-limits to Eulalio Tordil due to a protective order issued in March.

On Friday morning outside a Bethesda-area shopping mall, police believe Tordil shot and wounded a woman before shooting two men. One died, and the other is in critical condition.

Then, a half-hour later and despite a police manhunt, a woman was shot to death while sitting in her car outside a grocery store about five miles away.

"It's tragic that we were not able to intervene prior to additional victims being harmed," Prince George's County Police Chief Hank Stawinski said.

Friday's victims have not been publicly identified, and police haven't said if there's any connection between the suspected attacker and these new victims.

Tordil has been charged with his wife's murder, the murder of the two people killed Friday and two counts of attempted murder. He's set to appear in court on Monday.