Mary Maloney, Fla. teacher, offers sexual favor to cop after DUI arrest, police say

Mary Maloney
Palm Beach County Sheriffs Office
Mary Maloney
Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office

(CBS) --  Police said a Florida middle school teacher charged with DUI after a hit-and-run collision offered sexual favors to an officer in exchange for her release on Sunday.

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Greenacres police arrested 53-year-old Mary Maloney after a witness reported a hit-and-run in Palm Beach County, the Sun-Sentinel reported. She is now facing six charges including hit and run, knowingly driving with a suspended or revoked license and two counts of bribery.

"How much do I need to pay you to just let me go?," Maloney allegedly told a police officer driving her to the station. "Don't you understand I am a school teacher?"

Maloney, a 7th grade science teacher at Palm Springs Middle School, then allegedly offered to provide oral sex to the officer and invited him to grope her breasts, according to an arrest report.

Nat Harrington, a spokesman for the School District of Palm Beach County, said Maloney could lose her job in light of the recent charges. But she will first be referred to the school district's Employee Assistance Program, which offers counseling to employees, the Sun-Sentinel reported.

"Based on the outcome of that referral, we will make a decision as to her status pending the outcome of the case," Harrington said.

Police said a witness followed Maloney's white Dodge van after she collided into a man's white Chevy pick-up Sunday evening. The witness reported to police after Maloney parked her van, and then police arrived to take her to a patrol car for questioning, according to the newspaper.

Maloney's eyes were reported bloodshot and glassy, according to the arrest report. Officers said they saw two deployed airbags in the van as well as an empty jug of Carlo Rossi wine was behind the driver's seat.

Maloney previously pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge in May 2009 and was charged with battery in August 2010 but prosecutors later dropped the case, according to government records. She was charged with a probation violation in October 2010.