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Mary-Kate Going Home This Weekend

Mary-Kate Olsen, who has undergone six weeks in treatment for an eating disorder, will be released this weekend to be reunited with her family in Los Angeles.

People magazine, which has been following the story of the 18-year twin throughout the summer, has the latest on her condition.

"She's doing really well. She's gained five pounds," Peter Castro, the magazine's assistant managing editor, told The Early Show co-anchor Rene Syler.

"It will definitely be this weekend," Castro said of Mary-Kate's release. "Saturday is the target date. But she may play games with the paparazzi. She knows that everyone else knows that that's the date. She might try to sneak out sooner or later."

Thus far, Mary-Kate has been active at the facility, going hiking and horseback riding, activities her family purposely chose for her, Castro noted. "She had regular visits from Ashley and the family throughout the whole ordeal so she had a lot of support. She's very, very pleased that she made this decision to seek treatment."

Once out, Mary-Kate will have to go through post-facility treatments for a while.

"There's no cure for an eating disorder," said Castro. "It's going to be tough, especially in the midst of college."

Mary-Kate still plans to attend New York University with her sister Ashley in the fall. In late August, she will have to fly there from L.A. to get her orientation.

"She'll be in the city sometime in mid-August and it's going to be very interesting. Mary-Kate, in college, is going to be fascinating," said Castro. "The campus is the streets of New York City. It's very public. There's going be, I would imagine, an army of paparazzi tracking her weight every day as she's walking from class to class."

Castro said Ashley has been very supportive throughout this ordeal. "She's stepped up to the plate. She tried to keep the commitments that they had as business people while Mary-Kate was away at facility and has really stayed very close to her sister. Did not want to leave her side. She could have gone to Australia and all over the world promoting their new movie, but she said, 'No way. I'm going to be right near Mary-Kate.'"

As far as drug rumors go, Mary-Kate's representatives stand by their statement that she's absolutely not battling a drug problem. Only the tabloids have reported on this, and the Olsens say there's no truth whatsoever to the rumors, Castro said. "We'll see if there will be legal action down the road."

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