Marlins logo: Leaked design vs. 30-minute remake (Poll)

Proposed new Marlins logo that was leaked out on to the internet.
CBS Sports version of the Marlins' new logo, left, and the logo leaked to the Internet version of the Marlins' new logo, left, and the logo leaked to the Internet

The Internet reeled in this week what the Florida Marlins aren't denying will be their new logo in their new home, and we'd just like to point out that there are other fish in the sea.

Eliminated long ago from playoff contention, the Fish were more than likely looking forward to moving from Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens, Fla., to their new home just down the road in Miami for the 2012 season. On Tuesday, a message board leaked what could very well be the team's new logo, seen above right.

While the design easily draws comparisons to the Miami of "Miami Vice" and coordinates well with the bright colors of the new stadium, a team's new logo probably shouldn't look worse than the one it's going to store until a turn-back-the-clock game.

So we asked senior web designer Gordon Donovan to come up with a better design, seen above left. Donovan said he took about half an hour on his remake, which keeps the teal of the old logo, seen below, and blends the sleek silhouette of the marlin in the new logo with the Big Mouth Billy Bass qualities of the old logo.

We think it's a big improvement, but let us know what you think in our viewer poll.

Florida Marlins logo
The Florida Marlins' primary logo dates back to the team's beginnings in 1993.

For the record, Marlins President David Samson told the Sun Sentinel newspaper that the team wouldn't comment on the leaked logo until Nov. 11, when the team name is scheduled to change to the Miami Marlins.

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