Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook IPO

Lesley Stahl has profiled Mark Zuckerberg twice for "60 Minutes" but, until now, there was one question that always went unanswered.

Finally! For years, everyone had been speculating about when Mark Zuckerberg would take Facebook public. The company filed paperwork for its initial public offering this week, and it's expected that Facebook will be worth from $75 to $100 billion when trading on its shares begins.

All the more remarkable when you consider that only about eight years ago, Facebook was just an idea kicking around in a Harvard dorm room.

Lesley Stahl and her producer Shachar Bar-On sat down with Mark Zuckerberg twice, in 2008 and 2010 for "60 Minutes." Both times, Lesley pressed hard on the IPO question and both times, Zuckerberg avoided a direct answer.

Now that the IPO is happening, we decided to dig up the outtakes of both interviews for some insight on why Zuckerberg waited as long as he did, and what he felt -- at the time -- was the downside of making Facebook a publicly traded company.