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Mark Knoller: The President's Fried Chocolate Pie

White House Correspondent Mark Knoller is out on the road with President Bush and files his colorful observations from Arkansas on "hubcap hamburgers" and fried chocolate pie -- the not-so-healthful habits of eating on the go:

President Bush couldn't wait till he got on Air Force One to eat the "fried chocolate pie" he bought at a restaurant in Little Rock.

CBS News has been told he ate it in his limousine on the drive to the airport.

Emerging from a restaurant with Republican gubernatorial candidate Asa Hutchinson at his side, Mr. Bush proudly displayed the brown paper bag containing the slab of pie.

"Asa recommended I come in to get some fried chocolate pie. So I did. I'm looking forward to eating it," he said.

He sure was - though he seemed to know he might have been better off without it.

"When you get (to be) 60, you gotta be a little careful about what you eat.
But nevertheless I'm going to give it a shot," Mr. Bush told reporters.

It was just last week that he told a forum on health care that people need to eat more carefully: "If people really watched what they ate, it's amazing how health care costs would also go down in America, as well."

But a short time after making that statement in Minnetonka, Minnesota, Mr. Bush stopped for frozen custard.

Mr. Bush bought the fried pie at an Arkansas landmark called Cotham's.
Its appeal clearly crosses party lines. It was a favorite of Arkansas native Bill Clinton.

As president, he once took a group of reporters to the original Cotham's in Scott, Arkansas for another of its specialties called "hubcap hamburgers" - so named for the size of the beef patty.

I can attest to their tastiness - if not their nutritional value.

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