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Margaret Cho dishes on "Drop Dead Diva" premiere and guest star Kim Kardashian

When "Drop Dead Diva" premieres Sunday on Lifetime, viewers can expect the start of a music-filled and star-studded season.

Actress Margaret Cho's character will even get to channel her inner-Lady Gaga in season four.

"My character this year gets to do a lot of music because I'm actually a musician myself, so it's nice to be able to take and put it into  the show," the series regular said during a recent visit to "So Teri, which is the character I play, she has this idea that she's going to be the next Lady Gaga. So she starts to take on this whole persona and she's 'Lady Bodacious' and she's doing all this music stuff. It's really fun."

Cho portrays legal assistant Teri Lee in the one-hour comedic drama, which tells the story of a wannabe model who dies in an accident only to find her soul resurfacing in the body of a brilliant, plus-size and recently deceased attorney, Jane Bingum, portrayed by Brooke Elliot.

"I think this season's going to be really great because we're sort of rooted into this story of Jane and her love life and all these people that she works with and knows," Cho said. "And she's adjusting to her new life as Jane as opposed to her old life."

As has been the case in previous seasons, there will be plenty of guest stars this year from comedienne Joan Rivers and actress Patty Duke, to singer Brandy and tennis star Serena Williams. Reality TV star Kim Kardashian joins the series for a multi-episode stint, starting with Sunday's premiere.

Cho said paparazzi swarmed the Georgia-based set when Kardashian arrived in town to shoot her scenes.

"No one comes to our set unless it's someone like that," Cho said.

The "Drop Dead Diva" cast has already filmed several episodes for the upcoming 13-episode season, and there's a few more to go.

"We work pretty hard," Cho said. "When you do these one-hour shows, you are essentially making a movie in eight days. And so we really are putting in long hours and it's pretty intense down there. We're outside of Atlanta and it's pretty hot right now. And everybody's so close because we all come from Los Angeles and New York and put into this new environment. And we've really held on to each other, which is really awesome."

"Drop Dead Diva" airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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