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Man who killed 3 while driving drunk arrested for DUI again

LAKEVILLE, Minn. -- A Minnesota man who killed three brothers while driving drunk is accused of driving under the influence again, reports CBS Minnesota.

Boe Barlage served six years in prison after hitting and killing brothers Jacob, Justin and Matthew Backstrom in an October 2004 car crash, reports the station. After he'd done his time, a judge ordered Barlage to speak to groups about his crime.

He was pulled over last week in Lakeville, a suburb south of Minneapolis, and officers said he blew a .19 on a Breathalyzer test.

"I was very shocked and disappointed to hear of this most recent arrest, given the fact I heard less than a week before that Mr. Barlage was out in the community sharing his tragedy about what he learned from the terrible tragedy that he caused in 2004," said Dakota County Attorney James Backstrom, who is not related to the brothers who were killed.

The father of the Backstrom brothers, Nathan Backstrom, said he visited Barlage twice in prison, reports the station. "To say that we're disappointed is maybe an understatement," Nathan Backstrom said.

Backstrom said he has forgiven Barlage.

"We know that forgiveness is a gift that we've been given to pass along to others, and we hope that he thinks very long and hard about this," Nathan Backstrom said.

Barlage is on probation. He could now face up to 5 more years in prison.