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Man says Miami police dragged him from car, beat him

MIAMI -- A Florida man and his family say police severely beat him after the driver of a car he was in took off during a traffic stop, reports CBS Miami.

Brian White has two black eyes and other facial bruises that he says came at the hands of up to seven Miami police officers. White was a passenger in a car driven by an alleged unlicensed driver who sped away from a traffic stop July 2, the station reported.

After a police pursuit, White says he was dragged from the car and beaten. His mother described the altercation, part of which was recorded by nearby surveillance cameras, in an interview with CBS Miami.

"(They) kicked him, beat him and punch him, seven police officers, they took turns. They celebrated like it was a party," said Alexandra Yehia, White's mother. "This is something that I never expected. For police to act this way."

Police officers said in a report about the incident that White resisted arrest, refused to place his hands behind his back and tried to kick an officer.

But White said through a Spanish translator that he attempted to cooperate with police before the alleged attack.

"I did everything that they told me to do. I put my hands up. They took me out of the car and they hit me. I never resisted. I never hit a police officer or pushed them. I did nothing," said White.

White's family is asking the State Attorney to investigate the incident.

Miami Police Major Delrish Moss said in a statement to CBS Miami that the police department's internal affairs department is not currently investigating the case, because the family has not filed a formal complaint with the city.

"We have not had the appropriate time to investigate if this was an incident that occurred in the city of Miami police's jurisdiction or if it is based on acts of the Miami Police Department," Moss said.

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