Man Opens Bar, Man Sells Beer, Man Gets Arrested - It's Not His Bar, Say Cops!

Travis Kevie
Ben Furtado/Auburn Journal
Travis Kevie (Ben Furtado/Auburn Journal)

AUBURN, Calif. (CBS/KOVR) America is often described as "The Land of Opportunity." Adhering to this mantra, a Placer County man, Travis Kevie, decided to seize an opportunity to reopen a shuttered bar, and began selling drinks to local patrons.

Is that a crime?

Apparently, yes, because, according to the Placer County Sheriff's department:

Kevie didn't have a liquor license.

Kevie didn't have a deed to the bar.

Kevie broke into the shuttered Valencia   Club bar in the first place.

Kevie, by the way, is a transient, whose grand opening July 16 of what was once a local Northern California landmark started with a six-pack of beer he purchased and resold at the club, according to CBS affiliate KOVR.  Kevie then bought more alcohol with his profits and kept the club thriving throughout a weekend, reportedly serving 30 customers a day, said deputies.

Kevie even flaunted his new venture in the local Auburn Journal newspaper that spotlighted him as the club's new "owner/operator," reported KOVR. Although after a detective saw the story featuring a photo of Kevie in the supposedly shut-down bar, business would never be the same.

The Sheriff's department arrested the "bar-owner," who, after a four-day run, went from serving customers to serving time.

Travis Kevie is charged with burglary, and selling alcohol without a license. He's being held at the county jail -- behind bars, but not quite the opportunity he envisioned.