Man Jailed for Wearing Guinea Pig as Hat; Any Different Than Wearing Leather Shoes?

Guinea Pig (CBS/AP)

FRONT ROYAL, Va. (CBS/AP) Is wearing a guinea pig hat any more inhumane than wearing leather shoes?

Charles Woodson didn't seem to think it was, but Tuesday the Warren County, Va. man was convicted of animal cruelty, and sentenced to six months in jail.

The 41-year-old Woodson was arrested in March after neighbors saw him wearing the guinea pig hat, which -- did we forget to mention -- included the animal's head.

Woodson claimed the animal was killed humanely. He purchased the guinea pig from a pet store, but evidently, didn't use it as a pet.

Woodson's six month jail term included  four months of the sentence being suspended. He was also ordered to serve one year of unsupervised probation.

He'll also undergo counseling and is prohibited from owning any pets for at least a year.

Hats off to the judge.

What do you think? Was this animal cruelty? Does he deserve jail or just a ticket from the fashion police?