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Man in mug shot being dubbed America's newest "hot convict"

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. - Months after alleged gun-runner Jeremy Meeks wooed women across America with his chiseled good looks, could Sean Kory be America's next top felon?

The 29-year-old was arrested for allegedly attacking a partygoer on Halloween, according to CBS San Francisco. The man - who was wearing a Fox News reporter costume - was allegedly assaulted by Kory, who told him he "hates Fox News."

Kory then allegedly grabbed the victim's microphone and placed it down the front of his pants and proceeded to rub it on his crotch, law enforcement officials told the station. The suspect also attacked the victim with an aluminum tennis racket - running away as police approached him.

Once the mug shot hit cyberspace, women were infatuated with the dreadlocked, goateed inmate -- taking to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

What do you think? Is Sean Kory the next "It" felon or is Jeremy Meeks still your favorite?

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