Man evicted for 1964 Tokyo Olympics faces same fate in 2020

The Japanese have a word for a situation that is desperate beyond hope: shimensoka.

Kohei Jinno, 79, has no doubt been uttering that word a lot these days.

After Jinno's house was demolished to make room for a stadium for the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, he thought things couldn't get any worse. But five decades later, things are getting worse.

According to Reuters, the housing complex where Jinno currently lives will be torn down for - you guessed it - a new stadium for the 2020 Games.

"I wish they wouldn't have the Olympics in Tokyo again," Jinno told Reuters. "I can bear getting evicted if it's just the once in a century, but twice? It's ridiculous."

Jinno told the news agency that this time around, about 200 families will be evicted. He said most of the displaced resident are elderly.

"It's like they're taking away the most precious thing I have after my family," he said. "Because of the Olympics, I'm going to lose the community I love so much, the friends that have kept me going so long. In their place I'm getting uncertainty, loneliness and pain."

  • Stephen Smith

    Stephen Smith is a senior editor for