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Man arrested twice in one week for same sex crime

DELAWARE COUNTY, Pa. -- A man was arrested in suburban Philadelphia twice in one week for the same sex crime, reports CBS Philly.

Darby Borough Police Chief Robert Smythe wants to know why Isaac Dougba was out on the street after his alleged child luring incident just a week before.

"I'm frustrated.... No I'm angry, that's a better word for what I am," he said according to the station. "Why was he on the street? Someone needs to answer that question."

Police arrested Isaac Dougba a week ago Thursday, July 10, after a 13-year-old girl told them he was trying to lure her into his white van.

The bail department recommended the district judge set bail at $50,000, but Smythe said, "Our judge for whatever reason, I don't know, reduced that to $10,000 at 10% and put him back on the street."

The station says Dougba was arrested again on Thursday evening, July 17, after police say he tried to lure a 10-year-old girl.

Police say he was in a white van again in the same area, according to CBS Philly, and Chief Smythe is pointing the finger at the judge.

"The judge is supposed to be part of enforcement. This isn't the first time he has done something like this. He is extremely liberal with these things in a town that has a lot of crime."

Dougba faced the same judge Friday morning.

This time, bail was set at $250,000 -- cash.

According to the station, Chief Smythe said, "If he can't do his job, he ought to get the hell out of there."

Meanwhile, Dougba's family says the allegations are false.

"The crime he is being accused of, he didn't commit those crimes," Emara Kamara, the suspect's nephew said.

He said his uncle was only in that area to visit family -- not lure children. Kamara added, "The same spot he was trying to lure a child into his van last week, he will go back again, the same week? And keep going back over there? Why don't you think about that."

CBS Philly reports that Dougba is expected to be back to district court Wednesday July 22.

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